Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A work in progress

so the cubby is built but it needs a few things to make it look pretty lol

i've taken it on as a special project.

i am in the process of painting the inside a turquoise colour and i have just finished some curtains today which i sewed a fuchsia coloured Michael Miller fabric to a turquoise vintage fabric (pictures dont show up the fabric very well, will get another photo later). i found the cutest fuchsia outdoor chairs at bunnings for $10. i havent bought it yet but i plan to soon lol. now just to find a turquoise or nice blue table.

inside dad has built a kitchen which is from an idea i saw at spotlight. i got him to put in a bench and cut out a hole to drop in a container to make a kitchen sink. i just need to find taps etc and i will be painting 4 black circles on top to make a stove. on one wall he has made a cabinet type thing with shelving that is supposed to be a pantry or fridge (havent decided what it is yet hehe).

outside i am painting parts of the railing and stairs and dad has painting one of the garage walls facing the cubby with black chalk board paint. i just need to go buy the chalk. he even put in a shelf for the chalk.

he also hung a swing he found that is like the ones you find in the park because our other swing Georgia cant really sit in. he put it on the big tree out back.

its nice to be able to do these things and the kids love it.


Krissy said...

It's looking awesome!!

If you need a hand just ask!! I can hold a paint brush . . hehe