Monday, March 23, 2009

Wanted to know what the big deal was about...

With this whole twilight business. Just seemed like another of those silly teenage things. But i was curious and now i can't put it down! Lol. Have been reading alot this week, not just the Twilight books. One book for each day this week nearly. Been reading the Twilight series since friday arvo. I'm more than halfway through Eclipse. Its actually pretty good. I've also read slumdog millionaire (originally called Q&A), he's just not that into you, nearly done with underbelly: a tale of two cities, and siberian dreams by irena pantaeva. I'm gonna need a bookshelf soon, to put all my newly acquired books. I'm actually glad i no longer have the net on, as i'm back to what i used to love to do-reading. It helps that i got my eyes retested and bought new glasses lol. Reading is made much easier without a stigmatisn ruining my eyesight. Maybe i'll post a pic of my new glasses (i got 2 pairs for $199 at specsavers). If your lucky i might post a pic of me wearing them haha!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

havent been around much....

dont know if anyone reads this because i dont get many replies lately when i post..

kind of lost my sewjo lately and havent really been bothered besides the odd repair job for DP here and there. but an friend has recently commissioned me to make some baby clothes and stuff for a baby due this year in winter sometime so now i am on the hunt for links to some great baby ideas as well as patterns for some practical baby clothes.

kind of getting excited to get back to sewing. just need some more needles and to pull out my fabric or buy some more and i will be back posting on this blog in no time!

keep your eyes peeled :p

Friday, January 16, 2009

If Georgia lost all her curls...

lol, i straightened her hair today (calm down lol, i did it on the lowest setting and only on the ends after using a hair dryer on the cool setting...i wouldnt dream of burning her) and she looks like a different girl...too funny

Monday, January 5, 2009

who's a lucky girl then....?

i love DP and i love my christmas/birthday present. its so purdy.....<3 its really cool to use and i love it alot. i will get real pics soon, its awesome. DP is awesome. :p

i also got this baby, have to say me luffs it. DP said he was sick of me stealing his razors LOL. its really cool. but now i have to wait another few weeks to use it again lol...i think nearly every part of me is hairfree :p

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My weakness....

so on the way home last monday from meeting a few friends in the city i just happen to spot this store on the way Babycakes....

unfortunately for me they are closed on mondays...i was so bummed....

but i am planning on going there sometime this week to pick up a dozen or 3 lol (ok i wish but they limit you to 2 per person :() favourite.

Friday, December 12, 2008


i've always wanted a charm bracelet with lots and lots of charms.

so when i was browsing OZtion last night i found all these fantastic charms.

charms on OZtion

i am going to buy the bracelet first then go from there. buying a new charm that means something special to me every few weeks. lucky i hate gold and prefer silver as its much cheaper lol. my first charm i think will be a sewing machine. then probably something to do with cooking as i love baking, especially cupcakes :D

I feel old

my kids are growing up too fast.

RJ will be 3 years in a few days.

i will soon be 27 a few days after RJ turns 3. so depressing. RJ is nearly in school and i'm nearly 30.

i dont want to be old :(