Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mummy & Me Giveaway

So last night I decided I would make the matching Mummy top for me but sadly as gorgeous as it is and as much as I love it, my body shape doesnt suit these types of tops so I'm doing a giveaway. :D

The Mummy top suits a size 16+...this particular Me top isn't part of the giveaway, but don't worry.....I will be making another to suit the child of the winner.

I'm not going to make this hard. Just leave a comment and if you don't have an account, just leave your username and from which forum I know you from.

Will update with more pictures later on...

Closing date is 12th of October at 7pm and this will be drawn on the 13th of October at 7pm....Good Luck ladies!

shir headache? shir delight!

ok so after alot of fiddling around, i finally got the hang of shirring. very monotonous after about 5 rows but the end result is worth it! the fabric from this top i made, i have another 1 1/2 metres of and really tempted to make a matching top for myself LMAO.

on another note, i've discovered coverstitch machines recently. where i thought i would have needed an overlocker, i discovered coverstitch machines and on closer inspection of my kids clothes i realised that all the stitching on them looks to be that of a coverstitch machine. and they have a janome coverpro 1000 priced at $499 in some places. one of my fellow crafty mamas has one (willow & moo's Sara) and i am very impressed. i want one for my birthday :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

sew very spoilt today

oh yes i was...

open my door to 3 very large packages, my face lit up. i've had a shocking week and this was a nice surprise. (well ok, i kind of knew 2 out of 3 were coming)

first package-i got my nappy swap from an unnamed forum...i swapped 4 green Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls for 1 GNST, 1 retro circles Blueberry, 1 red Itti Bitti, 1 lime green Twins in Cloth and an extra set of inserts from the Itti Bitti's...

second package- was my Crafty Mamas Swap that somehow i forgot that even though i needed to send one off, i forgot that i too would be getting one in the mail lol...(sorry to my swap partner, like i said its been a shocking week, well a couple of weeks but mine will be sent sometime next week, i promise!) someone read my post very well and knew exactly what i would like. i got a cookbook about cupcakes, a lipgloss in the cutest little cupcake container, 2 little cupcake bath bombs and a cupcake candle...i dont even know how i will bring myself to use them lol. and some yummy lindt chocolates, (insert drooly smilie here lol) they are all gorgeous, a big thank you to my swap partner whoever you are :D

third package-was my nappies and extras from this months Itti Bitti co-op. this time i spoilt myeslf, or rather Georgia lol and I got 3 out of 4 of the new D'lish colours -jade, baby pink, black- and a lime green one. OMG the jade is even better in real life, its absolutely stunning! the baby pink is just so pretty and better than i thought in the pics online. the black is uber cool! seriously, i can see that matching well with a few of her outfits. (yes i put black on my baby girl, arent i a horrid mother :p) i also got a black oriental blossoms Wild Child, some of Tennilles liners. i am usually lazy and dont use them but after a couple of stains on my ittis i know i need to so even though i can probably make my own, i wanted to buy some so bought Tennnilles, they are so soft and lush with suedecloth and fleece, so they will be getting used today! i also got one of gorgeous lipbalms. i have nearly run out of my strawberry pot from last time and couldnt bear to be without anymore because its my absolute favourite, i use it the most out of all my lipbalms.

yesterday i also got my extra yard of the watermelon postie must love me :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fabulous, flowing, floral and fun.

Blogging from my phone again. A spur of the moment thing to whip up this dress. Its miss molly inspired but silly me didn't make the tie straps nearly as long as they needed to be so need to be snapped instead. I'm hoping it fits as its part of Georgia's summer wardrobe. Otherwise its giveaway time. Lol. Yes, it does need an iron and needs to be hemmed. I'm hoping i can get action shots soon, as its more gorgeous in real life then it is in this pic. Bought some shirring elastic too, so gonna give that a go soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More watermelon yay!

look what came in the mail today. i picked this up from Oztion recently. i also have half a yard coming from eBay of the same watermelon fabric. its a bit different to the other one but i think i love this one more. now i have plenty of watermelon fabric to play my only problem is deciding what to make with it :D

summer's here

i made RJ these beachy long shorts the day i made the bloomers.

they are a nice thin airy fabric, not sure exactly what it is but its great and i have 2 other prints in the same type of fabric. they fit on him really well and look great.

i remember seeing something similar online and they were charging so much for them. i bought my fabric for like $2 or $3 a metre and only used half a metre so these didnt cost me much to make at all....and they look great! i tried getting action shots but he wouldnt co-operate lol

Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

aww this is the cutest thing!

giveaway? nappies...

would anyone be interested if i gave away some nappies that i dont use....

they of course are second hand. nothing wrong with them, they are just not worth alot and i am too lazy to list them anywhere lol.....i will update this post later with what i have.

if you are interested, just comment once i update with pics about what you want.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love these patterns....

just found this link via this blog

those are the sweetest designs. i would love to buy the miss molly pattern sometime in the future....

Apple bottoms jeans, boots with the fur....

ok not Nelly's Apple Bottom Jeans lol but they are apple bottom bloomers :p and are so cute, i cant wait til Georgia can try these on in the morning. i will get updated pics tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Pram Liner!!!

on a whim i thought, i need to make a pram liner. i usually procrastinate and things like this never get done but i am just finding my new pram so boring looking that i needed something to jazz it up a bit.

front pink side is Eiffel tower by Michael Miller and the black back side is a fabric from Ikea.

i sewed in pockets up the side where i filled them with polyfill to give it more form. i didnt want to do the standard wadding etc. i figure the seat is padded enough but needed something to hold the liner up on the pram so it didnt collapse. so the padded sides were just what i needed.

Finally, a Cute Tooshie!

I've been wanting one of these for ages but for some reason unbeknownst to me they are not available to buy at the moment anywhere. (If anyone can enlighten me why, that would be great) so I was happy that this is one of two I managed to score second hand online. Its alot thinner than I had imagined but just as soft and lush as I'd hoped for. Its side snapping, which generally I'm not a big fan of but we'll see how this one goes.

Yep I know, this is supposed to be my sewing blog. But nappies are sewn lol. Hoping to get some more sewing of the kids summer wardrobes but I'm stuck for ideas. Also tryin to thing of something fantastic for the upcoming giveaway.

P.S i blogged this from my mobile phone last cool!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

updated nappy stash piccies.

lol...i have too many nappies. i think i really am a bit addicted. goodness knows what i will do when Georgia is out of nappies

i took some updated pics of my stash today. the only place i could fit them to lay them all out was in Georgias cot and funny enough, it filled out the entire cot lol....and lol, i still have more in the mail

i mainly buy second hand, the BBB's, one of the WCDN, the itti D'lish, the Devine Behind, the Cushie Tushie, the Krap Katchers, the Trumpet Bum,the ones i made and the Sandman are the only new ones....the rest i bought from either here, another forum or from B4B.

i have others but i lent them to Liamsmummy and some that dont fit and a homemade and a BBB in the wash.

column 1 all Baby Beehinds Bamboo
column 2 Baby Beehinds Bamboo, Wild Child Dreamy Nights, Sandman night nappy, Peep-O! fitted
column 3 Krap Katchers Stuff em Sillys, Erica Very Baby fitted, my gorgeous new Trumpet Bum
column 4 Devine Behinds AI2 (from wahmania), Cushie Tushie Couture, Watermelon homemade AIO/2, Pink frilly butt homemade pocket, Wild Child Day Dreamer AIO
column 5 Monkey Doodlez, Twins in Cloth, Berry Plush, Bubblebubs, Tikiboo, Wriggleybumz, Twinkle Lily,Blueberry

column 6 Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls
column 7 Bekkityboo fitteds, Mommy's Touch, Green Kids Anytimes, Itti Bitti Classic, Itti Bitti Boo, Itti Bitti Fitted.
column 8 Itti Bitti D'Lish

and this is me trying to stuff them all in a hanging sorter thing. i reallyhave nowhere else to put them.

New Stroller

my new stroller, been looking for a cheap, light layback stroller for a while now and found this one at kmart the other day. its nothing fancy but its exactly what i was after. but the black and grey is a bit boring so now it just needs a cute liner :D

Update on nappies.

so they have since been worn...both have bamboo thats been pre washed so dont have to wash several times for absorbancy. tried both today and they work really well. so they might not look as good as those i have bought but they work just as good if not better. i am really proud of these ones, even though they are not the greatest. however i would really love to buy a snap machine one day. mainly for clothes, but for nappies too :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

juicy watermelon butt

lol....made another matching nappy. this time for the watermelon dress. this nappy making biz never gets any easier for me....:( they are definitely no Trumpet Bum or Patootie bootie but they work and they look pretty and i am not making them to sell so its all good. i also have another pic of the other nappy i made. :D

Pink and frilly

i made this matching nappy to go with the dress i made earlier.

my other attempts at nappy making always came out not so great. sewing is easy to why is making nappies so hard? the fabrics slip and just its a general pain in the butt. but this one, although a headache, came out really well. its a pocket, i figured that would be easier for me lol.

but its cute, and i love it. i left the dress over at mums so i cant wait to see them on Georgia together :D

i used the weewaka pocket pattern i got free off the net, just hope it fits. next time i will try the ottobre nappy pattern.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Toy Society

i found this through someone elses blog...(sorry to that person, i dont remember who you and thought what a brilliant idea. a great way to spread the love around.

Just to see how many people are actually looking at my blog...

LOL....i will be doing a give away or two over the next few weeks.

i'm thinking a dress similar to my pink with black print and some cuffed pants. also a heat bag or something else....

stay tuned :D

more pics of what i made yesterday and some from today.

another pic of the watermelon dress....

a pic of some long shorts i made for RJ out of an vintage mickey mouse pillowcase, one of his favourite shows on playhouse disney is mickey mouse clubhouse so i had to buy it when i saw it and knew it would be perfect for some cute shorts for RJ. i dont have action shots, he was wearing no nappy with it today as it was so hot we went outside but then he pee'd without telling me he needed to so pee'd on his pants lol.....

lastly is a pair of long wide shorts for me. they are made from 2 vintage pillowcases. they are like the ugliest things ever but oh so comfortable. and perfect for lounging around the house in. a mini tutorial minus pics.....take two pillowcases, any will do as long as you are happy to cut them up. then cut along the fold line of the closed end of the pillowcase, the open end will be the bottom of the shorts. lay on top of each other and cut out a crotch (after you have measured yourself and decided how far you need to cut down) then if you want them wide you leave as is or if you want to slim them down a bit then take a bit of each side (cut opposite side of where you cut the crotch of course)so if you have taken a bit off the side you will need to sew up the seams, other wise if you are just leaving as is just sew up the crotch. then sew a waistband. and you are done! simple as that. you will have a bit of fabric at the bottom (which was the open end of the pillowcase) and will get in the way when you put them on and you may feel that against your legs as you walk, if it bothers you, you can easily cut it off and finish the seams. but i didnt bother. so if you make a pair of these, let me know by leaving a comment...although i might be the only one silly enough to do this lmao.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What I made today

tried to make a t-shirt but its my first time using a stretch knit fabric and i didnt have a pattern so tried to make my own. it was ok but not the greatest. i think i am going to just have to buy one. wondering if my enids have a shirt pattern in there to draft. the shirt isnt hemmed. RJ wouldnt take it off after me trying it on him. i need ribbing, as trying to use the jersey didnt really work for me. lol, ignore his stupid face. thats his pose lol.

i also made a pair of shorts from some lightweight houndstooth and added a patch that i am expecting to fray a bit more over a few washes (intentionally lol). i'm not sure if i made them to wide, i wanted them wide but dont know if thats how wide i wanted them.

i also made a shirred dress. well it was actually a shirred ladies skirt, inspired by KaMalicious (she gave me the idea) but i added sleeves and a pocket and some ricrac. thanks once again to KaMalicious, i have been searching for this watermelon fabric for a good 6 months...i had seen it in spotlight once and thinking i could come and get some "next time" but when i went back there was none to be found. but the lovely KaM gave up a metre of it just for me...arent i lucky. i have to repay the favour someday.

Pics as promised

playcentre & ten pin bowling:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great weekend!

well, against the advice of people i let Richard take me out for dinner. had alot of fun and glad i made my own mind up about things. it really was worth it. then when he came back saturday morning we wanted to take the kids to the circus but we had to wait for about 4 hours for a show, so we took RJ ten pin bowling while we waited. they also had an arcade there too. he had so much fun. then today we took them to the playcentre, they enjoyed it and it was good to spend time as a family. i'm so glad i listened to my heart this time.

although i have just one thing to say....ATTENTION ALL PARENTS: playcentres are NOT daycare, you DO have to watch your children when you go there so dont be surprised when either me or Richard tells your child off for hitting our daughter when you are sitting on your fat ass chatting away to your stupid girlfriends. if your little shit of a child turns around from his chair to hit me in the back, i will yell at him. because you are the same mother of that child that hit our daughter while you were having a gossip with your dumb friends. DONT try and argue with me after i have yelled at your child, i will make you look like a fool. i will embarrass the fuck out of you for not watching your child. so dont even start...nope, dont. ah! shutup!

after so many times of having to deal with this i have finally had enough. i sound like a rude bitch in this post? well good, i'm sick of being nice about it. and despite what some prissy little know it all thinks, i do watch my kids if they hit others and i do not have a problem disciplining for it. tell all the lies you want, but i have 2 words for you. first one starts with an F and the seconds starts with a U.

getting home tonight was an adventure. car trouble galore. but thats never to be spoken about ever again. just like forest road. (inside joke between me and kamalicious)

have loads of pictures to show but battery is dead, dead, dead and have to recharge.

hope to do some sewing, and get some more pics of my stuff up soon :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

no mine!

made some cute shorts with the material i bought yesterday. RJ loved the first pair so much that he wouldnt take them off and wouldnt let me take a pic lol. he has the second pair on today and wont let me take a pic. will get one soon and hopefully get to make some more :D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sew freaking tired!

Today we had a sewtastic day. I discovered online that although The Remnant Warehouse had moved to Alexandria, there is still a shop there linked to TRW in its place called Just Remnants.

They have a remnant table and lots of end rolls of fabric. Some only $2 a metre. I bought quite a bit of fabric for RJ because I want to make most of the kids clothes this summer to save some money but also to be different lol.

I basically have more than enough fabric to make Georgia a summer wardrobe but really nothing for RJ. but I did pick up some nice plain fabrics, like some pinwale cords, some drill, some houndstooth, some check, some jersey knit etc. and also some cute red quilting fabric with black ants all over them and some designer fabrics that i really been wanting for a long time so got half a metre of each (cant afford the full metre lol) i got some of the Very Hungry Caterpiller fabric, but its just all dots not the other print as i found it was too large for clothing and i bought some Michael Miller Paris in pink for Georgia to make a dress like the other pink one i made the other day. I also bought 10 metres of elastic as it was only 50c a metre. Now i just need some cute boys prints, but i think i have to go to spotlight, they didnt have any prints i really liked at JR or TRW.

I cant wait to post my creations.

Sew freaking tired, it was a long day.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Fathers day to all the single mummies out there.....

you deserve it, big hugs!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Nothing is ever what it seems.

want to move past this. had my vent and now i'm over it.

Oh how I love my Korean food.

But its so expensive to buy it takeaway. I found this site Maangchi's online which has youtube videos to make Korean dishes. but something tells me i will have to find recipe's in Korean to take with me to the Korean grocery to get what I need. And lucky for me there is also a Korean Butchers right next door to the grocery so I can get the right meat also.

mmmmm.....i feel like some Jja Jang Myeon or some Bibimbap right now. Well at least I already have the Kimchi waiting for me in the fridge. *drools*

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ikea, the new Spotlight?

KaM and I decided it was about time we headed off to Ikea to check out their fabric. The range was very retro styled but as much as I adored the fabrics, the prints were simply too large for childrens clothes. But i guess thats inevitable since the fabric is meant to match in with their other homewares. I would still love the fabric for my house though lol. But we did manage to pick up a few bargains. The fabric is really quality stuff. would be great for a pinny or pants. the black, the brown black and white and the blue fabric would be too thick however for anything else but perfect for some things due to the durability and thickness of the fabric, the green one is a little bit thinner but still great quality. i can see myself going back and getting more lmao. they are gorgeous. some where $4 and some were $9. It was so funny, they let you measure and cut your own fabric. I felt like i was behind the counter at spotlight. lmao

p.s although i think some designer fabrics are pretentions as per another blog post, sometimes that is a good thing haha

Hoping she'll walk soon!

After many weeks of being able to take a few steps but being too lazy to, Georgia has finally realised she can stand up on her own. She can finally pull her self up to stand unassisted, she seems very excited to have learned a new skill. I am sure its only a matter of time before she will be walking YAY!!!!

OMG I so love myself!!!!

LOL I cant help it but I really do. The dress fits absolutely perfectly! Not only that but it sits on her gorgeously! Its a pity I cant get better pics to show everyone (I only have a K800i Sony Ericsson phone to take my pics with and the light isnt good in the lounge today as its cloudy outside) but when she is standing in it, its absolutely delightful how it puffs out at the bottom. I think the ricrac helped it get a bit of stiffness to help it sit out, but whatever it is I am in love. It had turned out better than I could have ever expected! Woot! Go me! My sewing is getting much much better and I am so proud of this one. I am sitting looking at her now and the bow is the sweetest touch, I am so glad I did that instead of a snap or something. Its the most gorgeous thing. I feel like I can finally compete with the lovely KaM and Megan, their dresses are simply devine and always felt inferior to them with what I made but I am hoping this is even close to the gorgeousness of their creations.

Some little girl needs to learn to smile for the camera lmao!

Enid has arrived!

I got 5 Enid books in the mail last week and the 6th one I bought arrived yesterday....I cant wait to give them a go. I just need more time so I can get some patterns drafted from the books. I am surprised, a lot of them are more modern looking designs than I would have thought. I think I am going to have to get more, even if I havent made anything yet lol. Yay for Enids!

You dont need to go broke to make your kids look good

I picked up some wonderful pink with a delicate black print from Michael Miller at the remnant warehouse for $2.95. Score! I am unsure of the name of the pattern but its very sweet. I should have bought more than 2 metres at that price. So you don't have to pay full price for a designer fabric to be able to make a nice dress. I am not willing to buy highly overpriced designer fabrics and am happy to buy just regular Spotlight or discounted fabrics and its even great coz sometimes you can pick up some discounted designer fabrics. The only way I am willing to pay full price is if I really, really, really want it. And nothing so far has grabbed me that much that I am willing to go broke for it. Over $20 a metre for fabric is too much to pay when I am struggling. I could buy 4 metres of something less pretentious anyways :D so I'd rather do that.

So here is the lovely little dress I got to make Georgia. I am unsure if it fits her. I didnt use a pattern, just kind of winged it. But it looks ok. Its fastened at the back with ribbon, as I dont own a snap machine and am not good with buttonholes or zippers I thought this might be much sweeter. It also has contrasting ricrac, thanks to KaMalicious for inspiring me to buy lots of ricrac and have the courage to use them on dresses :D

Disclaimer: these are just my personal experiences and opinions taking into account my income and also personal taste, this may or may not apply to you. but i'd like to think that there is nothing more satisfying than finding a good bargain.


When I recieved in the mail some rainbow variegated knitted longies for Georgia, RJ loved the rainbow colours and when I went to put them on her he cried and said "NO! RJ's rainbow pants!!!" so then i had to put them on him LMAO although they had quite alot of pink in them and were more for girls. So on a forum I frequent I put out a call for someone to knit RJ some "Rainbow Pants" for him in acrylic wool (he isnt in cloth so dont need real wool ones). My good friend Krissy asked her lovely mum to knit RJ some Rainbow Pants. so without further adieu, here they are......RAINBOW PANTS

Monday, September 1, 2008

My new blog, just for sewing :D

cant wait to post future projects :D

this is what i did today....

delicious fruitiness :D