Sunday, November 23, 2008

More cool and cute shoes....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

These are the coolest shoes....

i so want to buy them. they are on they are hvbao brand canvas shoes similar to converse that are painted with really cute and cool designs. i want, i want, i want!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lazy i know

but i have been really busy. spring cleaning the house and garage with Richards help (ok so he has done most of it lol). but boy am i tired lately. spending time with the kids. helping dad build the cubby house for the kids. i've been making a lot of life changes that i am really proud of...especially how i have cut out junk food and soft drinks and making more of an effort to buy and eat fresh fruit and vegies.

RJ can sleep in his room again. it was just full of crap so he never slept in there. well one night he got scared of a thunder storm and ended up in my bed and never got out but last night was the first night in his own bed again! but we cleaned it out and dumped all his old broken toys to make way for the stuff he will get at christmas time. next is to tidy Georgias room. not as bad as RJ's room but it needs a good tidy and rearranging.

my room, i can now see the floor lol.

anyways, i am not crafting much lately as i have been far too busy and the last thing to do is the spare room to turn it into a sewing room for me...yay! but i havent really been in the mood for sewing but i have sewed some stuff since my little break and i will share them at a later date....

because blogger isnt uploading pics for me i will use photobucket.

but i want to share some pics of what we found in my garage today

i found all this tupperware squee!!!

there are four of the kids plates and for of the kids bowls in original 70's colours LOL
i dont exactly know what the yellow thing with the lid is supposed to be. lol

there is a long green container, its quite large.
and the white thing has divide-a-rack on the back so i guess thats what it is lol
i also found this cute hello kitty tin, i now have 3 LOL. dont know if many people know but Hello Kitty is one of my obsessions lol.
and this genuine silver platter. it was quite tarnished when i pulled it out but i fixed that up with some bicarb and some vinegar and is as good as new.

there is other tupperware in the garage still, like a jelly mould and a container but both are missing lids...

i also found Georgia's little Kewpie doll hiding in RJ's room. love these things, they are uber cute! poor darling has been missing for 8 months oops! now to just get my hands on some more Kewpie mayonnaise.....then i will be happy :D

and lastly, here are a couple of pics of the cubby next to the sandpit my dad built for the kids. the cubby is awesome. dad built one for me and my brother when we were kids. i have fond memories of that cubby. my dad is pretty handy. i plan to paint the inner a pastel green and make it all shabby chic. i am making curtains too and going to put in a costume box and other things. the outer i am only painting the stairs and railings.

its gonna be so cute! and best of all the kids LOVE it!

Monday, November 3, 2008


i think i feel better about things and will start posting again.

i have a few things i have made and will post up pictures soon.

grrr....some people....that is all