Thursday, September 4, 2008

You dont need to go broke to make your kids look good

I picked up some wonderful pink with a delicate black print from Michael Miller at the remnant warehouse for $2.95. Score! I am unsure of the name of the pattern but its very sweet. I should have bought more than 2 metres at that price. So you don't have to pay full price for a designer fabric to be able to make a nice dress. I am not willing to buy highly overpriced designer fabrics and am happy to buy just regular Spotlight or discounted fabrics and its even great coz sometimes you can pick up some discounted designer fabrics. The only way I am willing to pay full price is if I really, really, really want it. And nothing so far has grabbed me that much that I am willing to go broke for it. Over $20 a metre for fabric is too much to pay when I am struggling. I could buy 4 metres of something less pretentious anyways :D so I'd rather do that.

So here is the lovely little dress I got to make Georgia. I am unsure if it fits her. I didnt use a pattern, just kind of winged it. But it looks ok. Its fastened at the back with ribbon, as I dont own a snap machine and am not good with buttonholes or zippers I thought this might be much sweeter. It also has contrasting ricrac, thanks to KaMalicious for inspiring me to buy lots of ricrac and have the courage to use them on dresses :D

Disclaimer: these are just my personal experiences and opinions taking into account my income and also personal taste, this may or may not apply to you. but i'd like to think that there is nothing more satisfying than finding a good bargain.


iRiS said...

Pretentious? Michael Miller? never hahahaa
The designer fabric is devine I bet you noticed the difference when sewing with such quality :)and what a clever lil chicken you are ;)lovely dress it looks great on Georgia

sweetness said...

I dont believe quality only comes with price or status, all my fabrics are quality but not all are designer. But thats just me, I never tell anyone else what they should buy. :) I am happy with what I can afford and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a bargain.

Thanks for the nice comment. :)