Thursday, September 4, 2008

OMG I so love myself!!!!

LOL I cant help it but I really do. The dress fits absolutely perfectly! Not only that but it sits on her gorgeously! Its a pity I cant get better pics to show everyone (I only have a K800i Sony Ericsson phone to take my pics with and the light isnt good in the lounge today as its cloudy outside) but when she is standing in it, its absolutely delightful how it puffs out at the bottom. I think the ricrac helped it get a bit of stiffness to help it sit out, but whatever it is I am in love. It had turned out better than I could have ever expected! Woot! Go me! My sewing is getting much much better and I am so proud of this one. I am sitting looking at her now and the bow is the sweetest touch, I am so glad I did that instead of a snap or something. Its the most gorgeous thing. I feel like I can finally compete with the lovely KaM and Megan, their dresses are simply devine and always felt inferior to them with what I made but I am hoping this is even close to the gorgeousness of their creations.

Some little girl needs to learn to smile for the camera lmao!


Jdorable said...

Absolutely adorable hun!!! It fits beautifully on Georgia. Well done! xx

Mits said...

She is getting scared when anyone touches her. She is so cute and glamorous.


sweetness said...

Thanks :D

Claire said...

Wow! This is just the most devine little dress - almost a gorgeous as the model!!