Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sew freaking tired!

Today we had a sewtastic day. I discovered online that although The Remnant Warehouse had moved to Alexandria, there is still a shop there linked to TRW in its place called Just Remnants.

They have a remnant table and lots of end rolls of fabric. Some only $2 a metre. I bought quite a bit of fabric for RJ because I want to make most of the kids clothes this summer to save some money but also to be different lol.

I basically have more than enough fabric to make Georgia a summer wardrobe but really nothing for RJ. but I did pick up some nice plain fabrics, like some pinwale cords, some drill, some houndstooth, some check, some jersey knit etc. and also some cute red quilting fabric with black ants all over them and some designer fabrics that i really been wanting for a long time so got half a metre of each (cant afford the full metre lol) i got some of the Very Hungry Caterpiller fabric, but its just all dots not the other print as i found it was too large for clothing and i bought some Michael Miller Paris in pink for Georgia to make a dress like the other pink one i made the other day. I also bought 10 metres of elastic as it was only 50c a metre. Now i just need some cute boys prints, but i think i have to go to spotlight, they didnt have any prints i really liked at JR or TRW.

I cant wait to post my creations.

Sew freaking tired, it was a long day.....


Katherine said...

i wish we had a remenants place here,
sounds like fantastic grabs you got