Monday, September 15, 2008

What I made today

tried to make a t-shirt but its my first time using a stretch knit fabric and i didnt have a pattern so tried to make my own. it was ok but not the greatest. i think i am going to just have to buy one. wondering if my enids have a shirt pattern in there to draft. the shirt isnt hemmed. RJ wouldnt take it off after me trying it on him. i need ribbing, as trying to use the jersey didnt really work for me. lol, ignore his stupid face. thats his pose lol.

i also made a pair of shorts from some lightweight houndstooth and added a patch that i am expecting to fray a bit more over a few washes (intentionally lol). i'm not sure if i made them to wide, i wanted them wide but dont know if thats how wide i wanted them.

i also made a shirred dress. well it was actually a shirred ladies skirt, inspired by KaMalicious (she gave me the idea) but i added sleeves and a pocket and some ricrac. thanks once again to KaMalicious, i have been searching for this watermelon fabric for a good 6 months...i had seen it in spotlight once and thinking i could come and get some "next time" but when i went back there was none to be found. but the lovely KaM gave up a metre of it just for me...arent i lucky. i have to repay the favour someday.