Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great weekend!

well, against the advice of people i let Richard take me out for dinner. had alot of fun and glad i made my own mind up about things. it really was worth it. then when he came back saturday morning we wanted to take the kids to the circus but we had to wait for about 4 hours for a show, so we took RJ ten pin bowling while we waited. they also had an arcade there too. he had so much fun. then today we took them to the playcentre, they enjoyed it and it was good to spend time as a family. i'm so glad i listened to my heart this time.

although i have just one thing to say....ATTENTION ALL PARENTS: playcentres are NOT daycare, you DO have to watch your children when you go there so dont be surprised when either me or Richard tells your child off for hitting our daughter when you are sitting on your fat ass chatting away to your stupid girlfriends. if your little shit of a child turns around from his chair to hit me in the back, i will yell at him. because you are the same mother of that child that hit our daughter while you were having a gossip with your dumb friends. DONT try and argue with me after i have yelled at your child, i will make you look like a fool. i will embarrass the fuck out of you for not watching your child. so dont even start...nope, dont. ah! shutup!

after so many times of having to deal with this i have finally had enough. i sound like a rude bitch in this post? well good, i'm sick of being nice about it. and despite what some prissy little know it all thinks, i do watch my kids if they hit others and i do not have a problem disciplining for it. tell all the lies you want, but i have 2 words for you. first one starts with an F and the seconds starts with a U.

getting home tonight was an adventure. car trouble galore. but thats never to be spoken about ever again. just like forest road. (inside joke between me and kamalicious)

have loads of pictures to show but battery is dead, dead, dead and have to recharge.

hope to do some sewing, and get some more pics of my stuff up soon :D