Thursday, September 18, 2008

updated nappy stash piccies.

lol...i have too many nappies. i think i really am a bit addicted. goodness knows what i will do when Georgia is out of nappies

i took some updated pics of my stash today. the only place i could fit them to lay them all out was in Georgias cot and funny enough, it filled out the entire cot lol....and lol, i still have more in the mail

i mainly buy second hand, the BBB's, one of the WCDN, the itti D'lish, the Devine Behind, the Cushie Tushie, the Krap Katchers, the Trumpet Bum,the ones i made and the Sandman are the only new ones....the rest i bought from either here, another forum or from B4B.

i have others but i lent them to Liamsmummy and some that dont fit and a homemade and a BBB in the wash.

column 1 all Baby Beehinds Bamboo
column 2 Baby Beehinds Bamboo, Wild Child Dreamy Nights, Sandman night nappy, Peep-O! fitted
column 3 Krap Katchers Stuff em Sillys, Erica Very Baby fitted, my gorgeous new Trumpet Bum
column 4 Devine Behinds AI2 (from wahmania), Cushie Tushie Couture, Watermelon homemade AIO/2, Pink frilly butt homemade pocket, Wild Child Day Dreamer AIO
column 5 Monkey Doodlez, Twins in Cloth, Berry Plush, Bubblebubs, Tikiboo, Wriggleybumz, Twinkle Lily,Blueberry

column 6 Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls
column 7 Bekkityboo fitteds, Mommy's Touch, Green Kids Anytimes, Itti Bitti Classic, Itti Bitti Boo, Itti Bitti Fitted.
column 8 Itti Bitti D'Lish

and this is me trying to stuff them all in a hanging sorter thing. i reallyhave nowhere else to put them.


Katie said...

Holey COW! lol that is an awesome stash! I hope to be adding my own little piece in there soon :D

Kim said...

wow nice stash hun...

KaM said...

Oh dear dear dear . . .

And to think it was me that got you started all that time ago when I showed you a BBB pink!!

Awesome stash though babe!

sweetness said...

yes i blame you Krissy....YES YOU!

hehe....the pics are wrong way around....the bottom pic should be first....

~Elleni~ said...

Oh my goodness, talk about an addiction! lol Look at all those nappies! :D

Emstar said...

omg what a stash droool