Friday, September 19, 2008

New Pram Liner!!!

on a whim i thought, i need to make a pram liner. i usually procrastinate and things like this never get done but i am just finding my new pram so boring looking that i needed something to jazz it up a bit.

front pink side is Eiffel tower by Michael Miller and the black back side is a fabric from Ikea.

i sewed in pockets up the side where i filled them with polyfill to give it more form. i didnt want to do the standard wadding etc. i figure the seat is padded enough but needed something to hold the liner up on the pram so it didnt collapse. so the padded sides were just what i needed.


Anonymous said...

Great liners Kristie! I love them!
Good job!
Lunar xx

KaM said...

It looks fab!! The stuffing on the side is a good idea as well . . make for comfy sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! I love the pink fabric! What kind of pram is that? I'm looking for a new one and that looks great!