Thursday, September 25, 2008

sew very spoilt today

oh yes i was...

open my door to 3 very large packages, my face lit up. i've had a shocking week and this was a nice surprise. (well ok, i kind of knew 2 out of 3 were coming)

first package-i got my nappy swap from an unnamed forum...i swapped 4 green Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls for 1 GNST, 1 retro circles Blueberry, 1 red Itti Bitti, 1 lime green Twins in Cloth and an extra set of inserts from the Itti Bitti's...

second package- was my Crafty Mamas Swap that somehow i forgot that even though i needed to send one off, i forgot that i too would be getting one in the mail lol...(sorry to my swap partner, like i said its been a shocking week, well a couple of weeks but mine will be sent sometime next week, i promise!) someone read my post very well and knew exactly what i would like. i got a cookbook about cupcakes, a lipgloss in the cutest little cupcake container, 2 little cupcake bath bombs and a cupcake candle...i dont even know how i will bring myself to use them lol. and some yummy lindt chocolates, (insert drooly smilie here lol) they are all gorgeous, a big thank you to my swap partner whoever you are :D

third package-was my nappies and extras from this months Itti Bitti co-op. this time i spoilt myeslf, or rather Georgia lol and I got 3 out of 4 of the new D'lish colours -jade, baby pink, black- and a lime green one. OMG the jade is even better in real life, its absolutely stunning! the baby pink is just so pretty and better than i thought in the pics online. the black is uber cool! seriously, i can see that matching well with a few of her outfits. (yes i put black on my baby girl, arent i a horrid mother :p) i also got a black oriental blossoms Wild Child, some of Tennilles liners. i am usually lazy and dont use them but after a couple of stains on my ittis i know i need to so even though i can probably make my own, i wanted to buy some so bought Tennnilles, they are so soft and lush with suedecloth and fleece, so they will be getting used today! i also got one of gorgeous lipbalms. i have nearly run out of my strawberry pot from last time and couldnt bear to be without anymore because its my absolute favourite, i use it the most out of all my lipbalms.

yesterday i also got my extra yard of the watermelon postie must love me :D