Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ikea, the new Spotlight?

KaM and I decided it was about time we headed off to Ikea to check out their fabric. The range was very retro styled but as much as I adored the fabrics, the prints were simply too large for childrens clothes. But i guess thats inevitable since the fabric is meant to match in with their other homewares. I would still love the fabric for my house though lol. But we did manage to pick up a few bargains. The fabric is really quality stuff. would be great for a pinny or pants. the black, the brown black and white and the blue fabric would be too thick however for anything else but perfect for some things due to the durability and thickness of the fabric, the green one is a little bit thinner but still great quality. i can see myself going back and getting more lmao. they are gorgeous. some where $4 and some were $9. It was so funny, they let you measure and cut your own fabric. I felt like i was behind the counter at spotlight. lmao

p.s although i think some designer fabrics are pretentions as per another blog post, sometimes that is a good thing haha


hemant said...

I like your creativity to set your mind in check out the fabric. In this line you will get new ideas to create different things of fabric.