Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally, a Cute Tooshie!

I've been wanting one of these for ages but for some reason unbeknownst to me they are not available to buy at the moment anywhere. (If anyone can enlighten me why, that would be great) so I was happy that this is one of two I managed to score second hand online. Its alot thinner than I had imagined but just as soft and lush as I'd hoped for. Its side snapping, which generally I'm not a big fan of but we'll see how this one goes.

Yep I know, this is supposed to be my sewing blog. But nappies are sewn lol. Hoping to get some more sewing of the kids summer wardrobes but I'm stuck for ideas. Also tryin to thing of something fantastic for the upcoming giveaway.

P.S i blogged this from my mobile phone last cool!


KaM said...

I think they recently changed owners . . so that has meant a shake up of their stock etc

sweetness said...

oh i see....i've been waiting for ages so it seems.....i really want a new one!