Saturday, September 27, 2008

shir headache? shir delight!

ok so after alot of fiddling around, i finally got the hang of shirring. very monotonous after about 5 rows but the end result is worth it! the fabric from this top i made, i have another 1 1/2 metres of and really tempted to make a matching top for myself LMAO.

on another note, i've discovered coverstitch machines recently. where i thought i would have needed an overlocker, i discovered coverstitch machines and on closer inspection of my kids clothes i realised that all the stitching on them looks to be that of a coverstitch machine. and they have a janome coverpro 1000 priced at $499 in some places. one of my fellow crafty mamas has one (willow & moo's Sara) and i am very impressed. i want one for my birthday :D